The Three Cone Drill Podcast Ep. 0.75 — The Ice Podcast Challenge

Bleacher Report’s Lead AFC South writer Rivers McCown and I write about the NFL from a statistical perspective. He and I have opinions and interests unrelated to the NFL. He and I are contemplative human beings prone to both self-reflection and “big picture” thinking. He and I have a (somewhat awkward) sense of humor. He and I are nonconformist, foul-mouthed assholes. Therefore, he and I have started a weekly podcast wherein we use NSFW language to talk about the NFL, pop culture, society, and our attempts at navigating through life.

Sometimes, you’ll agree with us; other times, you’ll disagree but respect our willingness to broach the subject; and yet other times, you’ll wonder how natural selection has yet to weed us out from the gene pool. No matter, we just hope you get any of these three things from our lengthy discussions: (a) entertainment, (b) education, or (c) the understanding that we’re not just robots accessed by your internet connection.

Here’s an outline of the first episode:

  • The officiating “point of emphasis” on contact in pass coverage
    • What does history say…
      • …about previous “points of emphasis?”
      • …about the carryover of preseason penalties to the regular season?
    • Will certain types of pass defenders be affected differently?
    • Will the NFL care if important games are ruined?
    • What do we think should be “points of emphasis” in officiating?
  • The ice bucket challenge
    • How has our assholery evolved over time?
    • How does it reflect on society?
    • What are the best videos we’ve seen so far?
    • Who would we most like to see do the challenge?
  • Rivers lets it all out
  • Thursday Night Football — Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers
    • “Point of emphasis” update
    • Underappreciated head coaches
    • Head coaches either adapt or perish.
    • The dominance of Eddie Lacy and Richard Sherman
    • What’s easier to neutralize: a shutdown corner or a dominant pass rusher?
  • Our upcoming writerly content

Hope you enjoy it. If so, spread the word. If not, spread the word even more!

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